Chen Winkler, an artist and a sculptor, was born in 1969 Natanya, Israel. 

Chen, a 9th generation in the country and a Zionist, creates his works mainly from natural materials found in Israel. 

He has built dozens of monuments and designed memorials for individuals, communities and the Ministry of Defense. 

His works are a true reflection of his optimistic spirit. 

Chen invented a method to convert industrial waste to art and thus creates “Green” art works. 

Main Works 

The Sculpture Symposium, Natanya 2000: “Eshed” 

The Sculpture Symposium, Holon 2001: “The Woman” 

The Acre Sculpture Garden: “The Angel” 

The Open Gallery, Natanya: “People 2” 

Natanya: “People 1” 

Kfar Menachem Museum: “A Man Standing on his Head” 

Jaffa: “The guard” 

The Cactus Garden, Holon: “People 3” 

The Architects’ Building, Philadelphia USA,: “Women 1” 

The Laflee Building, Philadelphia USA,: “The Sun” and “A Couple with a Child” 

Manhattan, New York USA: “The Universe” and “The Fire” 

Natanya: “Lion” 

The Sculpture Symposium, 2007: “Agat” 

Ariel: “Josef” 

Ramle: “Past-Present-Future” 

Other Works 
Dozens of monuments in marble and stone throughout Israel. 

Sculpture projects in Israel. 

Commemoration monuments for fallen soldiers and martyrs. 

Execution of different works for the Ministry of Defense. 

Organization of international sculpture symposiums. 

Production of sculpture gardens, following symposiums. 

Commissioned works for private individuals as memorial monuments and commemoration sites. 

Participation in international design competitions. 

Sole Exhibitions 

The Third Gallery, Natanya 2002: “Precious Stone” 

The Tower Gallery, Tel Aviv 2003: “Lions” 

The Bible House Museum, Tel Aviv 2005: “Animal-Vegetable-Mineral” 

The Alternative Gallery, Tel Aviv 2005: “Land Flowing with Milk and Honey” 

The Social Security Building, Natanya 2005-2008: Changing Exhibitions 

The Tower Gallery, Tel Aviv 2008: “It is a Duty – Green Art” 

Group Exhibitions 

The Temple Gallery, Natanya 2002: “Sakuella” 

The Cliff Gallery, Natanya 2002: “Land” 

The Botanic Garden, Tel Aviv 2003: “Back to Eden” 

The Tower Gallery, Tel Aviv 2004: Sculpture 

The Cactus Garden, Holon 2004: “Nature Sculpture” 

The Cliff Gallery, Natanya 2005: “Disconnection” 

The Cliff Gallery, Natanya 2007: “Portrait” 

The Cliff Gallery, Natanya 2008: “Animal-Vegetable-Mineral” 

Mobile exhibition for “60 Years for Israel”, Herzeliaya, Be’er Sheva, Jerusalem – The 

President’s House 2008 “Remembrance” 

Sculpture Symposiums 

Natanya 2008: “Sculpture Happening” 

Holon 2001: “Woman” 

Acre 2004 

The Green Village 2006